LTE DEEP DIVE Online Course – Loyalty Program

LTE DEEP DIVE Online Course - Loyalty Program
Thanks for your interest in our online virtual classroom course LTE Deep Dive. is happy to announce the start of the registration for the Mobile Network Evolution Online Interactive Live Course in collaboration with DIGIS2

This course includes all the needed introductory information and concepts related to LTE technology and different design aspects, also will include all the basic features of LTE that makes it the cutting edge technology in commercial Mobile networks.
This course also includes a deep dive in all LTE advanced features, LTE KPIs as well as practical cases that we have encountered from our experience in various project worldwide and their Root Cause Analysis and solution.

Course Contents:
LTE System Overview
LTE Planning
LTE Basic Features
LTE Advanced Features
LTE: KPI's and Troubleshooting
LTE X Actions and Cases

Course starts July 13th on via video conferencing through Webex software.

Language: English

Time: Starts Full day (6-8 hours with breaks depends on topic, starts 8 GMT)
This end-to-end Mobile Network crash course is delivered by the best RF experts in the telecommunication field in the middle east.

Radio and Training Director: Abdelrahman Fady
LTE RF Optimization Consultant: Mohamed Sayed Ibrahim
LTE RNO RNP consultant: Muhammed Adel
for other payment methods (moneygram, bank transfer,...) kindly register here and we will contact you.
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