Managed Services Operators’ surveys results

Managed Services reduces operational cost
Managed Services helps us access more domains
Managed Services allows us to focus on core business processes
Managed Services gives us additional expertise in IT areas
Managed Services frees up additional resources within our company
Managed Services helps us reduce risk

We focus on ensuring network & systems planning efficiency and operational excellence while guarding network quality and asset utilization, and helping service providers to improve profitability and customer experience.

Our objective is to safeguard services & systems efficiency to ensure profitability leveraging our extensive expertise in “Products & Services” domain. A well maintained environment will require less interventions and corrective actions that will directly reflect on revenues and systems performance.

Services Portfolio

Capacity Planning
Products & Services Assessments
Projects Delivery

Systems Integration
Required Developments
Quality & Assurance testing

Post Analysis & Insights
Services Operation
Systems Maintenance
Performance Reporting

Service Benefits

Delivering high quality Products & Services
Faster Time to Market
Change Management
Insights and new business opportunities
OPEX control


It’s not just about being qualified, we are Experienced

Analysis for outsourcing key drivers

Opex reduction
Increased head-count control
Increased ability to adopt new technology
Increases flexibility
Head-count reduction
CAPEX reduction
Enabling establishment of clear processes

We assist service providers in managing cost pressure, gaining access to specialized resources, optimizing investment, and establishing a flexible strategy to retain market leadership.

DIGIS2 team of experts works as an extension to the client’s enterprise and assist companies unlock the potential of their value chain.

Service Benefits

Cost control
Trained, experienced & qualified
Increase efficiency & competitiveness
Quickly implement new technologies
Reduce risk and ensure compliance


We provide a chance to work hand in hand with our trusty experts to address your business needs with a wide array of tailored solutions & services to monetize network assets. We guarantee an enhanced business process aligned with technology evolution and market demand.

Our Consulting Service focus on improving technical efficiencies of service providers by leveraging our extensive experiences, trusty experts, independent tools and reports.

Service Portfolio

Service & Systems Audit
Performance Audit
Best Practice Insights

Process Audit
Vendor Evaluation
Revenue Opportunity & Use Cases

Service Benefits

Enhanced quality of service
Valuable customer experience
ARPU stretching
CAPEX and OPEX control
Identify cost reduction strategies


Introduce Sales services to partners through our talented experts to increase supplier sales and footprint.

Our services focus on planning and executing sales processes that target telecom suppliers, content aggregators, communication providers, and telecom operators. Delivering measurable results and significant returns on investment is our priority.

Sales Sourcing
Complete turnkey sales & marketing services backed by targets & service Level of agreement.
Sales Watch
Allows suppliers to closely monitor target customers and react immediately to new sales opportunities without worrying about setting up a local sales force.
Sales Coach
Workshops that help telecom suppliers define a development plan for a specific sales opportunity.

We offer rapid and effective deployment of highly qualified sales team, with a proven track record of success and an extensive network of contacts to target customers.