Agile Operations

& practice-driven

Transformation & practice-driven

Consolidate your value-added services in one location

Agile Transformation & practice-driven

When we work with operators to deliver Value-Added Services over ISDP they:

  • Transform the economics of their network because the Value-Added Services are “All in One”. This drives down cost by removing the need for multiple licences, platforms and support agreements – in addition to onerous power consumption costs.
  • Have the ability to launch a broad range of innovative services such as iSDP, USSD, iSMSC, Anti-Spam/A2P Controller, OTA/ADC, Call Completion, Missed Call Notification/Notify on Reachability, Out of Credit Service/Missed Call Simulator, Call Signature, Call screening, Collect call and Roaming Smart Solutions.
  • Avoid lengthy procurement processes and complex integration projects because services can be developed then deployed from one centralised platform. This reduces time to market.
  • Foster disruptive innovation as services can be rapidly developed then deployed in-house or by third parties in the Service Creation Environment.
  • Dynamically allocate resources for services and capacity through Smart Drive which helps the operator make efficient use of all resources.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Cost-effective OPEX and CAPEX management

Agile Managed Services

When Digis Squared provides managed services for operators we

  • Increase their profitability through more effective asset utilisation combined with efficient network and systems planning.
  • Enhance network quality and overall operational excellence to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Cover all mobile network operator requirements with a particular focus on radio, core, value-added services and IT.
  • Leverage our experience with multiple vendors and operators to provide advanced radio managed services that cover all radio vendors.
  • Offer a broad range of managed services to cover any specific requirements they have.
  • Deliver exceptional value for money through our state-of-the-art service and technology experts.
  • Bridge the gap between operators and vendors by calling on our extensive experience in the telecoms and technology space.