Agile Operations

& practice-driven

Transformation & practice-driven

Consolidate your value-added services in one location

Agile Transformation & practice-driven

When we work with operators to deliver Value-Added Services over ISDP they:

  • Transform the economics of their network because the Value-Added Services are “All in One”. This drives down cost by removing the need for multiple licences, platforms and support agreements – in addition to onerous power consumption costs.
  • Have the ability to launch a broad range of innovative services such as iSDP, USSD, iSMSC, Anti-Spam/A2P Controller, OTA/ADC, Call Completion, Missed Call Notification/Notify on Reachability, Out of Credit Service/Missed Call Simulator, Call Signature, Call screening, Collect call and Roaming Smart Solutions.
  • Avoid lengthy procurement processes and complex integration projects because services can be developed then deployed from one centralised platform. This reduces time to market.
  • Foster disruptive innovation as services can be rapidly developed then deployed in-house or by third parties in the Service Creation Environment.
  • Dynamically allocate resources for services and capacity through Smart Drive which helps the operator make efficient use of all resources.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Cost-effective OPEX and CAPEX management

Agile Managed Services

When Digis Squared provides managed services for operators we

  • Increase their profitability through more effective asset utilisation combined with efficient network and systems planning.
  • Enhance network quality and overall operational excellence to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Cover all mobile network operator requirements with a particular focus on radio, core, value-added services and IT.
  • Leverage our experience with multiple vendors and operators to provide advanced radio managed services that cover all radio vendors.
  • Offer a broad range of managed services to cover any specific requirements they have.
  • Deliver exceptional value for money through our state-of-the-art service and technology experts.
  • Bridge the gap between operators and vendors by calling on our extensive experience in the telecoms and technology space.

Products and Services

Products and Services

This covers end-to-end life cycle Application Development Services, including:

ADM Pre-Development stage
− Demand acceptance
− Requirements management
− Quality assurance

Feasibility study
− Solution architecture and design (End-to-End solution design)
− Requirements dependencies and impact analysis
− High-level solution design
− Project Planning and Effort Estimation

Development stage
− Low-level solution design
− Test case definition
− Business configuration and development & coding
− Unit test execution report and results
− Implementation of Software Development Life Cycle

Change request testing
− Component Unit Testing Release and Configuration Management
Post Development stage
− System integration / Functional testing
− Deployment to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment
− Deployment to the Live Environment

Delivery support
− Project management
− Quality assurance and Service Level Agreements
− Configuration management
− Release management
− Vendor management

Continuous improvement
− In accordance with ITIL v3 & eTOM

Agile and scalable virtual network solution offers industry-leading performance and enables the rapid creation and delivery of new services:

  • EPC
  • Customised policies with DPI and Microservices Architecture HTTP/REST APIs
  • Optimised Network for IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
  • Automated Service Provisioning
  • “Any G” architecture, Multi-Access Wi-Fi, Fixed Line
  • High-performance Distributed (CUPS) Architecture.


Virtualised mobile core network solutions are:

  • Based on a 3GPP-compliant open architecture
    3GPP-compliant SGSN, MME, GGSN, SGW and PGW that support 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and VoLTE network services on a standards-based, open architecture which reduces risk and prevents you being tied to one vendor.


  • Able to support the 5G New Radio standard
    5G New Radio (NR) is the new global 5G radio standard that delivers major performance, cost and efficiency improvements over previous mobile technologies.


  • Designed for Hosted vEPC in Public Cloud
    We use a software-based approach that facilitates the rapid development and delivery of innovative mobile services in a cost-effective and scalable way.


  • Capable of provisioning and creating services automatically
    The result is reduced OPEX due to faster service activation times and self-service capabilities.


  • Centred on Virtualised Network Slicing
    This enables our clients to deliver customised services with fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtual and multi-vendor operator environments in quick and cost-effective ways.


  • Provided with an integrated virtual probe
    This means operators can enhance network quality and cut (probing) costs without sacrificing network performance.


  • Based on a virtualised Wi-Fi Gateway
    This provides ePDG and TWAG/TWAP functions so operators can support Wi-Fi calling services and EPC to Wi-Fi integration.


  • Built to provide throughput of at least 150 Gbps
    As the new industry benchmark for network performance, our core network solutions deliver over 150 Gbps of throughput on a single Intel® Xeon® server.


  • Capable of policy, charging and subscriber management
    Our fully virtualised PCRF, AAA and HSS solution facilitates comprehensive policy, charging and subscriber management.
Radio Managed Services

We aim to partner with telecom operators and vendors on managed services proects leveraging our multi-operator / multi-ventor experience.

We have qualified resources with relevant experience both in operators and vendors thus bridgeing the gape between operator expectations and vendor offerings.


Below are samples of managers services that can be offered:

  • Site planning and including AFP and ACP
  • Site survey and validation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Indoor design
  • Benchmarking analysis for voice, data and OTT
  • Customer pains analysis and solution
  • Geolocation analysis services
  • Customer complaints handling
  • Network performance management
  • Network excellence
  • Field optimisation
Radio networks mobile broadband upgrades

We are offering a set of radio networks mobile broadband launch and upgrades capitalising on our massive experience in launching new networks, vendors swap and networks expansions management.

This includes the steps from Spectrum Strategy, Deployment Strategy till implementation and optimisation.


Our radio networks MBB services include:

  • LTE MBB services
  • LTE network launch
  • LTE upgrade
  • LTE expansions
  • 3G MBB services
  • UMTS network launch
  • U900 upgrades
  • New carriers introduction
  • SWAP services

Rapid technological progress means that customer expectations of operators have evolved and advanced. Interactive and simple customer experiences are now the expected norm. Antiquated and inflexible business models are no longer fit for purpose.

To thrive, operators must embrace the latest IT services in order to reinvent their business models in agile and innovative ways that drive commercial performance. Proven track record of helping IT departments deploy large, complex, IT-driven change programmes makes us a credible partner for digital transformation projects.


Performance & Capacity Management

Leverage Data Warehouse performance features and use physical implementation best practices in database design and assist in performance optimization at the system level and application. These include, but not limited to, SQL Tuning, Space Management, Statistics Management, Columnar, Multi Value Compression, various Indexes, Locking Logger, DBQL, ResUsage, PDCR, DBS Control, etc. Capacity Management includes partnering with application teams and other infrastructure teams in proactively analyzing the system usage, data growth, usage growth, new applications, DBQL, ResUsage and other Data Warehouse tools in planning the upgrades.



Reporting & Communication

We understand, communication is key in all successful delivery of any service. Our team proactively communicates with the different IT and business groups of the customer needing Data Warehouse support. Examples include outages related to Data Warehouse upgrades, disaster recovery, application changes, impacting a larger group of stakeholders, etc. Reporting includes daily, weekly and monthly reports related to system usage, health check reports, and production incident summary and other detailed reports.


Application Maintenance & Support

Our portfolio of Data Warehouse Managed Services also includes Development and Maintenance of Data Warehouse Applications including Application Architecture, Data Architecture, Physical Database Design, ETL, ELT, BI Reporting and Analytics. We use industry best practices and we leverage Data Warehouse performance features in building end-to-end Data Management solutions on the Data Warehouse platform. We build, test and deploy the code in production and provide ongoing support.


Event Alerts & Notifications

Use ViewPoint alerts facility to notify the operations and application teams on SLAs, performance issues such as CPU Skew, I/O Skew, Spool Errors and failed application processes


Backup & Recovery

Use Data Warehouse Arcmain, BAR and/or Unity to back up the required database objects or duplicate the entire database onto multiple systems to set-up disaster recovery. Restore database in the event of data loss or database crash.


Security Administration

Security administration aligned with the policies directed by the client’s security team, to manage access to Data Warehouse Database and applications. Optionally use LDAP for authorization. Maintain access logs and conduct audits. Provide standards and best practices to application teams in providing role-based access, data masking, encryption, etc.


Data Warehouse Operations

Growth analysis, Capacity forecasting and Multi-Value Compression, Commissioning and decommissioning of Data Warehouse utilities, Scheduling of jobs/scripts, etc. Use Data Warehouse tools such as TMSM, ViewPoint, TASM to manage workloads, monitor operations of all Data Warehouse infrastructure from a single view. Partner with client to establish SOPs and processes related to Incident Management, Change Management. Closely monitor the SLAs and work with application teams in managing them. Collaborate with Application Teams, Database Administrators, Operating System Administrators and Data Warehouse Support in software patching and upgrading.

Server Management Services

Server management services continually monitor and manage your UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux servers to ensure optimum performance, uptime and minimize disruption. Your IT servers will be monitored at our network operations center (NOC) which operates 24×7 and uses established procedures to manage, support, and deploy clients’ servers worldwide.

  • Deploying security patches
  • Applying software updates
  • Ongoing patching and security updates
  • System administration
  • 24/7 monitoring and remediation
  • Maintenance of audit logs
  • Capacity management
Network Management

Optimize your network uptime through our IT infrastructure network management services, because your organization can’t afford to have your network go down. We partner with your IT department to monitor every aspect of your network for potential outages as well as for efficiency and future needs — constantly optimizing your network for performance.

Our network management services manage every aspect of your network including:

  • Fault Management: We will monitor your network to recognize any fault notifications and then isolate and correct any log faults that occur.
  • Configuration Management: We can manage your network devices to gather and store their configurations, simplify them where needed, track changes and help plan for future network requirements.
  • Administration Management: We can gather statistics on your network use including disk usage, link utilization and CPU time.
  • Performance Management: By monitoring your network throughput, percentage utilization, error rates and response times, we can help you determine the efficiency of your network and plan for capacity and reliability issues prior to their realization
  • Security Management: We can monitor and configure network security settings to ensure that your network is protected

Your IT infrastructure is made up of Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VPNs, and other devices. We can manage the network for you as an extension of your operations.

General IT Services

Networking and IT services can be fairly expensive to manage in-house. We provide the IT service you need and a price that you can afford. Our Outsourced IT services can help monitor and fix via access any network, computer, or software related issue through remote logging into your computer. From removing viruses, adding or updating software, remote advanced configurations, and more. We do provide you with the tools to get the job done right.
We can supply Outsourced IT Services to not only individuals but large corporations as well. Our Outsourced IT Services can also assist you and corporation through phone support or live chat support as needed if we are unable to remote into your system.
Our IT staff is knowledgeable, friendly, easy to understand and comprehend, and efficient. Our representatives take your privacy and security as our number one priority. There is an extremely strict privacy policy in place, and you do not have to worry about any of your information.