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Case Studies

Organisations we’ve helped to embrace telecoms and technology

Helping a challenger brand launch their network
when time to market was the priority

Our client was the fourth operator to launch a network in a very competitive Middle Eastern market. They wanted to work with trusted partners they could rely on to deliver then support and operate their network infrastructure. Our client had made significant CAPEX investments and was in the launch phase so time to market was the priority.

“Digis Squared solutions helped us to launch our network with the full portfolio of value-added and digital services. This enabled us to match competition who had taken years to build their capabilities in a few months.”
– Product & Service Director, Mobile operator

To design and deploy a state-of-the-art solution architecture for our client’s value-added and digital services network. This had to deliver against their ambitious launch plan and enable them to deliver a customer experience that met their high standards.

Our client was a fixed mobile operator moving to mobile so we had to build a new network from scratch in a very short amount of time.

Digis Squared’s Multi Play ISDP (interactive software development platform) provided a complete solution that delivered our client’s value-added and digital services in a capacity- and cost-effective way. To bolster project delivery, our highly experienced delivery team directly supported the client and oversaw the implementation of the agreed architecture.

Our Multi Play ISDP platform enabled the client to launch innovative commercial offerings quickly and in line with their product roadmap. To ensure they could derive maximum benefit from its purchased capacity, the solution was designed for  so they could implement a range of value-added and digital services on the same platform. Our agile and flexible approach to project delivery ensured that extremely challenging project timescales were met and our client had a future-proof architecture that would scale as their customer base grew.

  • The network launched on time and grew to 1m customers within three months.
  • We delivered a ready-to-launch solution in two months that met their capacity needs. It integrated all network entities such as the core network, charging system, mediation, operations support system, IP backbone and roaming partners.
Delivering managed services
that a challenger brand could count on

Being the fourth entrant in a very competitive market in the Middle East, our client was looking for credible partners who could help them launch then manage state-of-the-art services and solutions on their network.

“Digis Squared’s managed services gave us the confidence to run our network in the mature way we expected and that our clients deserved.”
– Network Operations Director, Mobile Operator

Poor operations and post-launch management adversely affect the customer experience and, ultimately, the bottom line. Coming from a fixed network background, our client wanted to be confident they were working with a proactive partner who was capable of identifying and solving problems before their business and operations were adversely affected.

Leveraging their extensive network management experience, Digis Squared’s managed services team were responsible for all network operations. Day-to-day operations were carefully monitored and managed in line with previously agreed key performance indicators.

We also assessed, designed and developed commercial services from technical and business perspectives aspects before implementing them on the platforms we built. We carried out these activities with our client’s aggressive launch plan and product roadmap.

The team are now handling our client’s day-to-day commercial requirements. This began with exploring then formulating product ideas with the commercial team before overseeing full technical assessment, testing and verification across the different technical and IT teams.

  • The network was operated with a level of maturity and sophistication comparable with existing and more established networks. This gave our client’s customers confidence in the stability of their network operations and the customer experience they delivered.
  • Launched 20 commercial products that are mandatory for the first-phase launch of a mobile network operator. These digital and other services are required so operators’ can launch commercial services and solutions.
Modernising network testing
at an established mobile operator

Antiquated network quality testing tools were hampering the network performance of a mature mobile operator with an extensive footprint across the Middle East.

“The INOS solution provided by DIGIS Squared helped us improve our testing efficiency and solve problems in a faster manner. We recommend the INOS platform for Mobile operators who want to benefit from an automated testing experience.”– Customer Experience Director, Mobile Operator

The legacy network quality testing equipment our client used added unwanted complexity and time to network issues and resolution. The existing supplier offered modernisation but this would have entailed a considerable CAPEX outlay.

With INOS, Digis Squared offered an innovative network testing tool that provided a full solutions swap for the legacy drive test equipment currently being used.

INOS provided a simple and cost-effective solution to the client, with its real-time reporting enabling them to find then solve network problems- quickly.

  • Network quality testing was simplified.
  • Problems were resolved in the field more quickly.
  • Saved 50% on the time needed to complete a Benchmarking report.
  • Reduced reporting and analysis resource by 50% which promoted better resource utilisation.