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AI/ML & networks

AI/ML for automated network analysis

Intelligent automation to identify & manage rapidly changing network issues & demands

INOS Network Digis Squared

Digis Squared’s automation suite, developed in-house, utilises AI/ML to deliver efficient multi-technology and multi-vendor testing and optimisation for MNOs and service providers.

INOS: automated network intelligence and testing tools

Drive testing and in-building testing, are key activities to determine the real network performance and actual customer experience in the field, and yet they can be hectic and time-consuming activities.

Digis Squared’s INOS solution is a cloud-based drive test (DT) and indoor building solution (IBS), developed to give structure to these tests, and decrease the time and cost of the work. Using cloud-controlled mobile phones, INOS collects all the logs needed, and uploads them to the cloud – ensuring you don’t need to have either a laptop or engineers in the field, the collection of data can be managed by a single driver in a car, or single person within a building.


INOS enables,

  • Networks and technologies benchmarking, across all technologies, including assessing competitor capability
  • E2E real-user experience for voice, video, data and any OTT app
  • Deep-layer analysis such as L3/L2/L1
  • Robotic post-processing developed by Digis Squared’s Radio and CX experts save massive amounts of time for customers in processing the logs, and delivers accurate visibility on bad coverage, bad quality, low throughput spots as well as missing neighbours, high overlapping areas, and HW issues that hit any site (such as cross feeder, cross sectors and VSWR)
  • Automated reporting: In the cloud, customers or teams can review on-screen post-processing, as well as generate all the reports and KPIs needed, by just a single click
  • Live monitoring: as all data is instantly sent to the cloud, engineers in the office can assess data live, and,
    • Ask colleagues in the field to run more DTs or check other parts of the building as needed, saving extra journeys, time and money
    • Make modifications to the live network and ask colleagues to re-run the tests moments later.
  • Coverage visibility studies: assessing network coverage and quality at VIP client premises, new indoor commercial or residential sites
  • Regular DT & coverage campaigns: identify network coverage gaps and help Planning Teams to set the priorities for new recommended sites, and accurately design network improvements
  • Single Site Verification, pre & post measurements for all acceptance activities

INOS use cases include investigative drive tests, single-site verification, cluster benchmarking, indoor testing, customer complaint & VIP handling, IoT testing.


INOS  & IoT testing

  • E2E IoT testing, including IoT platform layer issues
  • Supports all IoT RF connectivity (LTE – Cat M1, NB1 and NB2)
  • Supports all connection protocols TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/FTPS/TLS/MQTT/CoAP
  • Low power usage: sleep/standby modes/stop
  • Check functionality of IoT sensors, as well as deep layers, to investigate any E2E network issues
  • Deep layer investigation over air interface
  • Multiple integrations with IoT platforms, including Thingsboard & Thingspeak


Capacity management: handle unpredictable demand with agility

Within smart capacity management, our areas of focus are,

  • Vendor agnostic capacity modelling for all network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G)
  • Machine learning algorithms on network data enriched with multiple data feeds from radio access network, Customer Experience Management (CEM), geolocation systems and crowdsourced data
  • Predictive traffic growth based on AI-power algorithms followed by degradation preventive actions and expansions prediction
  • Action-centric benchmark reports including KPIs, KQIs (Key Quality Indicators)and Customers QOEs (Quality Of Experience)
  • ROI calculations for network investments

Our expertise can be applied to deliver real value and efficiency, including,

  • Start the smart CAPEX journey, and identify pathways to OPEX saving
  • Maximize network investment ROI and help operators make well-informed, data-centred investment decisions
  • Speed-up network capacity plans through our automated-predictive solution
  • Balancing the traffic between cells & technologies
  • Activating & reshuffling sites licenses
  • Capacity enhancement feature recommendations


Read more about how our Capacity Management solutions can help address the dynamic changes in demand brought about by Covid-19, here,

RAI: radio network optimisation, enabled by AI

RAI (Radio Artificial Intelligence) is Digis Squared’s main enabler for network optimisation.

This sophisticated Digis Squared tool assists MNOs and Communications Service Providers to minimize performance management efforts and costs. It is used to determine the best set of improvement actions that give our clients the power to enhance and maintain their mobile user experience. Powered by AI-analysis, RAI empowers operators to address and resolve network challenges efficiently.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate to manage rapidly changing demands

Organisations around the globe are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to become faster and more agile in the face of increased demand and rapidly changing environments.

From managing the high changes in network traffic, supporting the increased demand in customer call centers, to preparing and enabling a remote workforce, organisations are realising the benefits of automating right now.

At Digis Squared, we have more than 50 ready-to-use RPA process developments, varying in complexity, including,

  • Alarm monitoring and reporting
  • Trouble ticket handling
  • Managed services KPIs monitoring
  • Data synchronisation and integrity

RPA process driven workflow

Read more about RPA, and how our team can help you design and implement RPA solutions and methodologies to automate any repetitive process,

SOC transformation

Service Operations Centre transformation

See the unseen – automate the identification and diagnosis of issues

A Service Operations Centre (SOC) dramatically transforms your NOC (Networks Operations Centre) into a customer experience centred, and economically efficient, automated system. The Digis Squared SOC takes a vendor-agnostic approach, taking data from network probes to see the unseen, reveal issues, automate complex rules to identify and diagnose problems, and then generate, prioritise and allocate trouble-tickets to the most appropriate resource. SOCs not only identify, diagnose and propose solutions, they work proactively to resolve issues, often before the customer is even aware of an issue.

Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) are used to reveal the real customer experience of,

  • customers by segment (VIPs, corporates and enterprises)
  • geographical hotpots (VIP customers and businesses, hotels, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, tourist sites etc)
  • handset performance
  • OTTs (over the top applications, such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Netflix and so on) – assessing buffering, latency, packet loss, stalling time and frequency, etc

… and AI then aggregates and analyses this data, and runs automated rules.

OTT KQIs (over the top app key quality indicators) can be analysed and assessed by,

  • customer segments
  • geographical hotspots
  • network elements (Cells, clusters, PGWs/GGSN, APNs, ..)
  • network nodes (GGSN, APNs)
  • handset performance
  • • network technologies (2G, 3G, LTE, 5G)
  • and OTT app usage

….. to identify if the cause of a problem is the use of a specific OTT app.

Vendor independent expertise: the Digis Squared team have significant experience, in diverse SOC use cases – use this experience and expertise to your network’s advantage in implementing SOC in your business.


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eCommerce & payment gateways

Transform how money moves, with efficiency and security

Whether its consultancy advice, strategy, technical implementation or operational support, the Digis Squared team can help you with all aspects of your eCommerce.

Payment gateway: tailored modules to consolidate your businesses payment needs

  • Unify the customer experience and brand implementation across all channels.
  • Customer can pay bills, top-up (own account or others), purchase from operator or merchant by using a registered credit card, mobile wallet, charge-on-bill, from balance, with a voucher, or pay via payment company.
  • 360 degree view across all customer payments: securely integrated with customer facing and customer services systems, plus operator backend systems and databases.
  • Business confidence: encrypted, PCI DSS / PA DSS, with full reporting, fraud detection, chargeback and reconciliation.

Digital shop

Physical shop & digital journey

  • Use our capability to help you navigate and complete the digital journey in physical shops, by empowering customers to view product catalogues through interactive screens, validating eligibility and purchase with minimal or no sales-agent intervention.
  • Alternatively, we can create a bespoke mobile app for your customers to download (from your website, or trigger via a QR-code in-store), and then the customer can manage the digital journey on their phone – combining the reassurance of interacting with their own device, and the benefit of seeing the physical product in-store.


Product catalogue & KYC

  • A lite product catalogue layer is used to interact with digital channels, and isolate them from backend issues and delays.
  • Apply business rules and KYC (know your customer) functionality and eligibility checks as needed.


Order management efficiency

  • We capture the order lifecycle from creation through to notifying end-customers of final order confirmation.
  • The engine orchestrates the order, invoking validation steps and fulfilment processes, isolating the digital channels from backend issues or delays.