Network services | End to end design, implementation, & optimisation of new & legacy infrastructure

Managed services

Data-driven network managed services

Efficiently managing operational components of your network

Our team have extensive experience and a solid track record of delivering vendor-independent radio managed services, using our AI/ML/DL capabilities and solutions to deliver cost and investment efficiencies, superior performance and optimum customer experience.

  • Apply our expertise to transform your network and commercial capabilities
  • Deliver more revenue from existing infrastructure, deploy new solutions faster

Covid-19: working safely, to keep communities connected

The “new normal” has created massive changes in demand, as both “home-working” and communications between friends and family impact the networks. We can help your teams adapt their network strategies, adjust operational support, and implement new technologies to support the changes we see now, and those we can anticipate as the situation continues to change. We are here to support your teams in ensuring that they can do their work safely and securely, and that together we can keep our communities connected.


Discover more,  read our Managed Services blog post.

Back & front office

Front office: L1 (Level one troubleshooting) and alarms surveillance, field maintenance trouble ticket (TT) escalation and governance, performance management
Back office: BO teams, third parties management, third level contract management, preventive maintenance, network change management, service assurance

Network support

Working flexibly, our teams can deliver adhoc support to provide extra resources during significant business change, skills and competence development to strengthen knowledge and capabilities, or longer-term outsourced assistance as a managed service – we work in-house or remotely, with agility, to ensure your network remains robust and resilient.

Managed Services for NOC/SOC

We offer a comprehensive NOC (Network Operations Centre) and SOC (Service Operations Centre) managed service,

  • NOC/SOC managed services: our experienced, independent team deliver multi-vendor, multi-technology expertise integrating mature and new networks. Our comprehensive tools use AI-automation, RPA, and zero-touch operations to efficiently manage your implementation, and ensure that an agile and comprehensive governance structure receives the business and customer-experience KPIs needed to make insightful decisions.
  • NOC audit: Due diligence for NOC tools & processes, design and integration for a full set of diverse tools, automation improvement using RPA.
  • Tools management: Processes maturity and governance, workforce dimensioning and utilisation, SOC transformation, zero-touch operation.


GNOCs, Global Network Operations Centres (sometimes described as “remote NOC”), achieve scale, consistency and efficiency by operating multiple NOCs from one central location.

Maintaining security and privacy at all times, and complying with all necessary regulatory requirements, our team works within a strong governance structure to maintain the KPIs, KQIs (Key Quality Indicators) and customer QOE (Quality of Experience) that you are striving to achieve, to help you outpace your competition and set new customer expectations.

Data warehouse management

End to end Data Warehouse design, performance optimisation at system and application level, capacity management, backup and recovery services, and KPI and reporting.

IT infrastructure monitoring & support

Server management services: 24/7 monitoring and management of your UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux servers to ensure optimum performance, uptime and minimize disruption.

Network management: We manage routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, and other devices in your network for you, as an extension of your operation, handling the management of faults, configuration, admin and security. We partner with your IT department to monitor every aspect of your network for potential outages as well as for efficiency and future needs — constantly optimizing your network for performance.

Outsourced IT services: We deliver flexible solutions to meet your needs – shared or dedicated L1/L2 teams, shared L3 teams as part of multiple support hubs, core and out of hours support. Our experts assist your business and staff, removing viruses, adding or updating software, resolving configuration issues, and more for networks, computers and servers. We provide support to individuals, small businesses and large corporations by securely, remotely logging into your systems and resolving issues, and offer support via phone and live chat.

Design & rollout

RAN services, smart planning, network design & rollout

Ensuring the optimum architecture and implementation for your network investments

Radio Access Network (RAN) services

Our services scale to help our customers manage increases in network complexity, and growth of network traffic effectively and efficiently. We provide the expertise necessary to support your network transformation goals, with our multi-vendor and multi-technology capabilities, our services adapt to meet the emerging needs of your network.

Smart Planning

The Digis Squared team can assist you with all elements of network planning, including,

  • ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) improving network performance through re-engineering of existing sites according to the “new normal” traffic distribution
  • ASP (Accurate Site Planning) adequate selection for new sites location to adapt to the new normal situation we have after COVID-19 pandemic
  • AFP / ANR / Automatic PCI Planning / Automatic RSN Planning / Automatic PSC Planning

Network design & rollout

The extensive experience our staff have of complex multi-vendor, multi-technology implementations ensures that your business benefits from our independence to deliver new designs, and audit designs put forward by other RF staff and/or third-parties.

Our teams can guide, advise or manage your teams as they implement and deploy new network features and capabilities.

Optimise & transform

Network optimisation & transformation

Ensuring your network runs to the best of its capability, for you and your customers

Optimisation: Digis Squared’s staff have extensive expertise in network optimisation, acquired over decades of work in the telecoms sector, and it is one of the founding solutions of the business. Our independent, vendor-agnostic approach and deep knowledge of multi-vendor implementations, combined with tools we have developed in-house, ensures we efficiently optimise your network for the benefit of your business, and your customers.

Transformation: The Digis Squared team can accelerate the pace of your digital network transformation, delivering your business with the AI/ML tools, processes and capabilities to manage rapidly changing network issues and demands.

INOS - Intelligent Network Optimisation Solution

Developed in-house by Digis Squared, INOS is an automated testing platform for network operators and service providers, delivering both drive testing (DT), and in building solution (IBS) capability.

Using cloud-controlled mobiles, which are then mounted in cars or taken around buildings, INOS collects all the logs needed, and uploads them to the cloud – ensuring you don’t need to have either a laptop or engineers in the car, or out and about in buildings. INOS minimises the sometimes chaotic nature of drive tests, ensures your staff can work alone at Covid-19 safe distances, and decreases the time and cost of the work.

In the (private or public) cloud, engineers can handle on-screen post-processing, as well as generate all the reports needed, by a single click. INOS testing capabilities include,

  • Voice (MOS is included for both CS voice and VoLTE)Video (PEVQs supported)
  • Data
  • OTT apps – measure and analyse E2E real-user experience (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube etc)
  • IoT (CAT-M, NB-IoT 1, NB-IoT 2)
  • Additionally, INOS support deep-layers analysis L3/L2/L1
  • All network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G)


The modular INOS architecture is designed around the principle of testing use cases.

  • Live monitoring ensures that data can be analysed in real-time, enabling engineers at HQ to make configuration changes and instantly assess the impact in the field.
  • Real-time identification of zones with no coverage, dropped calls, low speeds or latency so customer complaints can be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Robotics post-processing developed by Digis Squared’s Radio and CX experts saves massive amounts of client-time in processing the logs, and delivers accurate visibility on bad coverage, bad quality, low throughput spots as well as missing neighbours, high overlapping areas, and HW issues that hit any site (for example, cross feeder, cross sectors and VSWR).
  • Data can be aggregated at the cell, site, area, user or mobile level, enabling engineers to drill down to the required level of detail when monitoring network performance.
  • Improve VIP and customer experience by troubleshooting end-to-end performance issues, understand churn behaviour and obtain performance data before / after move.

Additional features,

  • Comprehensive IoT testing
  • Configuration browser: audit, browse and map the configuration of different sites in one place
  • Network planning: easy access to configuration and radio network planning
  • KPI management: multi-vendor KPI reporting and automatic degradation tool
  • Trace analyser: multi-vendor, multi-technology end-to-end signalling and data flow management

Want to discover more? Read further information about INOS, or get in touch to arrange an informal conversation.

Digis-One - one interface, all NMS

A single solution for complex multi-vendor network management systems.

The problem

  • Every set of applications in a network has its own Network Management System
  • NMS are vendor-specific
  • NMS perform 3 main functions: fault management, configuration management, performance monitoring
  • But with multiple systems, your Fault Management is too complex: large number of separate NMS, with separate logins, different GUIs, reports and alarms.

The Digis Squared solution: Digis-One

  • Rapid integration, and elastic scalability
  • Alarm grouping and pivoting
  • AutoPilot: the first step towards zero-touch operation
  • Commercially deployed: now

One platform: rich, intuitive web interface, fully customisable single view
Technology: all system components are Cloud Native Computing Foundation certified with a mesh of micro-services components
Agility: setup can be changed on the fly, no loss of service with its static predefined load balancing rules
Automation: fully-fledged library of correlation and automation rules “Generic/Vendor-specific”, network alarms & their recommended actions & all troubleshooting steps pre-loaded
Cost efficiency: efficient system architecture and a single interface = simplified operations, administrations and maintenance

Digis-Capacity: AI-assisted capacity management

The independence of the Digis Squared team, and vast experience of multi-technology and multi-vendor implementations ensures you benefit from vendor-agnostic capacity modelling for all network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G).
Read more about our capacity management capability here: Now more than ever, handle unpredictable demand with agility.

RAI (Radio Artificial Intelligence) - identify, prioritise & action network issues, intelligently

This sophisticated Digis Squared tool assists MNOs and Communications Service Providers in minimising their performance management efforts and costs, to optimise their network, intelligently. It identifies complex network issues, and then determines and prioritises the optimum set of improvement actions that give our clients the power to enhance and maintain their customer’s mobile user experience. Powered by AI-analysis, RAI enables operators to address and resolve network challenges efficiently.

Customer experience

Customer Experience Management, CEM

Ensuring the best experience your infrastructure can deliver

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the main driver of Digis Squared’s Managed Services delivery approach. Traditionally, network nodes and network KPIs drove and were at the heart of services and operations assurance – but as services have become more complex, and data consumption has been driven by OTT applications, this approach no longer works.

Unpredictable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and extreme weather events due to the climate crisis, are having a significant impact on user behaviour, and in parallel customers expect (and demand) that customer experience and the quality of the service they receive is maintained or even improved – when their only contact with the outside world is over the internet, customers become increasingly impatient.

In this context, capacity management is becoming even more critical to both service providers and civil society in general, and it requires close monitoring of the network resources to ensure best utilisation. Traffic movement and evolution is changing significantly, in patterns we have not experienced before, and now requires an advanced methodology that utilises AI and ML for predicting traffic increase and thus optimising CAPEX investments.

Typically, our CEM work with operators and service providers addresses,

  • Service Operations Centre (SOC): using AI to assess multiple factors (customer segment, location, handset, OTT behaviour etc), this system analyses faults; assesses commercial, technical and customer experience impact; diagnoses cause and identifies solution; creates, prioritises and assigns trouble tickets.
  • Value-Based Optimisation (VBO) methodology & VIP assurance: ensuring the customer experience at sensitive locations (airports, HQs), and for client accounts and VIPs is monitored and handled with the commercial priority your business has assigned.
  • Insights and reporting: our methodology ensures customers have a dedicated insights dashboard (KPIs, KQIs nd Customer QoE for voice, data and OTT), as well as the reports necessary to meet regulatory reporting requirements.