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Connext: Intelligent advertising

Timely and personalised advertising delivered at scale

Connext smart advertising
Connext smart advertising

Why do our clients choose Connext?

  • Real-time analytics capability encompasses voice, messaging and data enables them to deliver timely advertising across the entire customer experience.
  • Advertising can be targeted in personalised and contextually relevant ways.
  • Consent management can be tailored so their customers’ consent can be managed in ways that comply with their data privacy policies and procedures.
  • It capitalises on the latest communication channels so their customers can have greater control over how they communicate and are communicated with.
  • They can monetise existing communication channels by delivering real-time, personalised advertising to their customers or by enabling third parties to do so via APIs.

Air Box

Air Box

Out of home advertising that delivers engaging customer experiences


Advertisers like using Air Box because:

  • The terminal can be easily installed in different places such as a rideshare, limousine, taxi, bus or public location such as a service station. This enables their clients to tailor advertising in time- and location-sensitive ways.
  • A wealth of customer profiling data is collected, including location, age, gender, customer interests, journey details, phone number and email address. These insights combine to help brands:
    • Deliver more targeted advertising in comparison to other Out of Home (OOH) media.
    • Leverage cross- and up-selling opportunities and
    • Increase third-party revenue streams (subject to consumer consent).
  • Advertising can be delivered in static image, video or interactive formats. This delivers cost savings because content can be repurposed and interactive advertising enables more engaging customer experiences.
  • Its reports and dedicated dashboard provide data on number of impressions, interactions, call-to-action clicks and remaining budget which permits real-time evaluation of advertising ROI.
  • Budgets are controlled by the advertiser so they can set a limit on campaign spend and be charged for the exact number of impressions acquired.
  • Report data is delivered in real time so their clients can A/B test then modify advertising content on the fly, if required.
  • The terminal offers the ability to run surveys to give their clients customer-focused insights.
  • Real-time advertising provides consumers with the latest content and helps your brand capitalise on the current affairs or recent developments that may capture their attention.


When customers interact with Air Box they can:

  • Receive personalised content, which increases the relevance of the advertisements delivered.
  • Obtain timely, location-specific discounts and vouchers which adds value to their experience.
  • Enjoy local touristic information, in multiple languages, to make their journey more interesting and engaging.
  • Play games that make their journey more entertaining whilst receiving relevant vouchers and discount codes.


Taxi and rideshare companies can benefit from Air Box because it can:

  • Enhance and diversify their business model.
    • Revenue earned from advertising offers the potential to reduce customer prices.
    • Companies can command premium prices through premium content partnerships.
  • Encourage their drivers to make more trips if they benefit from the in-ride advertising revenues generated.
  • Transform their customers’ journey into a value-generating experience courtesy of the personalised information, entertainment and engaging advertising being delivered.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Connecting platforms and devices through advanced IoT solution design

IoT Testing
IoT Testing

We help our clients make the most of IoT because:

  • Our in-house team can design any IoT solution with customer experience and cost in mind.
  • We call on our industrial design, user experience, engineering, electronics, embedded software design and hardware production expertise to simplify IoT device product design, development and delivery.
  • Our flexible approach to project delivery means we can co-ordinate multiple supplier and partner relationships at different stages of a project to reduce time to market.
  • We can provide and support the required IoT devices once they have been designed.
  • Working closely with one of our trusted partners, we can architect the overall solution that will interface with the IoT devices.
  • Our team can carry out data collection and analysis to ensure optimised IoT performance.