Radio Artificial Intelligence: optimise the network, and minimise efforts and costs. This sophisticated, automated AI tool identifies complex network issues, then determines, prioritises and undertakes the optimum set of improvement actions. Developed in-house, RAI is vendor agnostic and works across all network technologies.

Identify, prioritise & action

Identify, prioritise, and action performance and capacity issues, smart network and capacity planning, new site activation, troubleshooting and more, to enhance and maintain the customer’s mobile user experience. 

RAI also provides a powerful customisable KPI visualization, and 3rd party app integration.

Powerful optimisation

This single AI tool, delivers comprehensive network optimisation automation, via a single user interface, ensuring “everyday issues” are handled automatically, and your team can focus on more complex exceptions.

As with all Digis Squared AI-tools, RAI is developed in-house, is vendor-agnostic, and works across all mobile network technologies. Deployable via public/private cloud, or on premise.


Smart network planning

RAI provides a valuable tool in optimising network expansion strategy: use predictive AI algorithms and traffic models to create network clusters based on characteristics of group of cells, and forecast network and subscriber metrics.

  • Capacity management & network expansion strategy
    • Smart frequency assignment, capacity planning, automatic neighbour planning, indoor planning, 4G & 5G Accurate Site Planning (ASP), plus PCI, PSC & RSI planning
  • Predictive AI & traffic models to create network clusters
  • Forecasts network & subscriber metrics

Performance management

Multi-vendor, multi-technology network performance management capabilities for every generation of mobile network technology.

  • Network health check, worst degraded cells, worst cell list, monitoring & KPI browser.
  • Cross-vendor KPI aggregation, WCL/WDL segregation from overall trends
  • Bespoke scheduled reports (email, SMS, iOS/Android app)
  • Ticket management, benchmarking, vendor swap performance analysis

New sites activation

Vital site roll-out activity, verifying completion of a successful installation at site power-up; validation of newly integrated sites by comparing their performance & configuration to the existing network strategy.

  • New sites activation strategy alignment & site creation 
  • Health check & integration error rectification 
  • New sites KPI monitoring against acceptance thresholds

Configuration management

  • Maintaining the integrity of network parameter settings
  • Central configuration storage
  • Inconsistency identification (missing neighbour definition, incorrect external cell definitions, etc)
  • Change management & historical configuration tracking
  • Inventory management

Network insights

  • Customised, automated analysis across each network technology, saving time and eliminating routine manual checks and associated risk of errors
  • Re-assign staff to more valuable activity

KPI visualisation

  • Powerful data analytics and customisable reporting
  • Problem detection & resolution: visualize radio performance, traffic heatmaps, geo-located metrics & KPIs through user-defined multi-dimensional analytics.


In-depth examination of the radio network with root cause analysis functions and different types of optimisation algorithms.

3rd party application integration

Add additional features to further enhance functionality

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