Digis Squared’s AI-led automated tools

INOS [Intelligent Network Optimisation System]

Automated network coverage, performance & QoE analysis

RAI [Radio Automated Intelligence]

Radio Automated Intelligence - identify, prioritise & action network issues, intelligently

Digis-Capacity [smart capacity management]

ML & AI capacity management

Digis-One [unified fault management]

Unified Fault Management - One interface, all NMS
Digis Squared

About Digis Squared

Bridging the gaps between service providers and new technologies

We specialise in managing services, system integration and consultancy to transform telecom networks, deploy new technologies, and manage vendors. Apply our expertise, automated tools and processes to transform your technical and commercial capabilities.


Sep 2020

Regulators | Now more than ever, use independent tools and expertise

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Sep 2020

Capacity management | Now more than ever, as staff return to offices, handle unpredictable demand with agility

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Jul 2020

INOS | Now more than ever, know your network strengths, and weaknesses

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