Anomaly detection

Using AI to identify, prioritise and resolve network issues

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Yemen: first call & 4G video

A newly transformed network achieves key milestone

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Transforming lives

Digis Squared’s MWC Africa 2022 presentation

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Digis Squared

Enabling smarter networks

We efficiently deploy, transform and manage telecom networks.

Use our vendor-agnostic and multi-technology expertise, and independent AI-tools, to optimise and enable smarter networks.

System Integration

Complex projects with multiple vendors’ solutions: e2e design, implementation, integration, interoperability testing, project management. Bridging the gaps between suppliers’ solutions and operators’ requirements.

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Our AI-tools are vendor agnostic, multi-technology, and developed in-house. All have flexible installation options: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Enabling automated and optimised consistency, informed business decision-making, and enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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Latest Insights & Events

Recent press releases, case studies, product and business news, plus events we’re attending, and which members of the team will be there.

Business updates

Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle 2022: GOLD

1 December, 2022

Intel Network Builders Winners‘ Circle Membership is awarded to Intel partners who have demonstrated particularly outstanding innovations and business acumen.

Solution updates

Anomaly detection: using AI to identify, prioritise and resolve network issues

22 November, 2022

Anomaly detection: Amr Ashraf shares insights into how the INOS probe uses AI to identify, prioritise and resolve network issues.

Case studies

Transforming lives: Insights from new network launches in Angola & Yemen

7 November, 2022

MWC Africa 2022 Network Modernisation Session: “Transforming lives. Insights from new network launches in Angola & Yemen,” presented by Gwen Edwards.

Clients & Partners

We work with some of the biggest global partners, tier one operators, communications service providers and regulators across the globe.