INOS preview

MWC23: New kits, new interface

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Network Function Virtualization deployment validation using AI tools

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Riyadh office

New Digis Squared company opens in Saudi Arabia

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Digis Squared

Enabling smarter networks

We efficiently deploy, transform and manage telecom networks.

Use our vendor-agnostic and multi-technology expertise, and independent AI-tools, to optimise and enable smarter networks.

System Integration

Complex projects with multiple vendors’ solutions: e2e design, implementation, integration, interoperability testing, project management. Bridging the gaps between suppliers’ solutions and operators’ requirements.

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Our AI-tools are vendor agnostic, multi-technology, and developed in-house. All have flexible installation options: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Enabling automated and optimised consistency, informed business decision-making, and enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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Latest Insights & Events

Recent press releases, case studies, product and business news, plus events we’re attending, and which members of the team will be there.


5G Core Powering the Future of Connectivity

2 December, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the advent of 5G stands as a monumental leap forward. Let’s delve deeper into this advanced infrastructure and the pivotal concepts that shape its functionality.


KATANA IPM Analytics

13 November, 2023

Do you want to reduce downtime and enhance your network performance? Our Network Performance Management Automation Platform, KATANA, can help with the early detection of network failures or security breaches!

Solution updates

Eagle Eye: Revolutionizing Mobile Network Testing with INOS

2 November, 2023

Learn more about the “Eagle Eye” feature in INOS, a powerful tool that facilitates data-driven decision-making for network optimization.

Solution updates

INOS preview: new kits & new interface

19 March, 2023

INOS preview: new kits & new interface. Obeidallah Ali, INOS Product Manager, shares INOS previews from the Digis Squared exhibition stand at MWC2.

Business updates

MWC 2023 recap & INOS preview

16 March, 2023

MWC, the “world’s largest and most influential connectivity event”: Gwen Edwards, Digis Squared Marketing Director, recaps the team’s success, and shares INOS previews from the exhibition stand.

Solution updates

NFV deployment validation using INOS

18 January, 2023

Network Function Virtualization: Amr Ashraf describes the benefits, capabilities and deployment considerations, and how Digis Squared’s powerful AI-tool, INOS, can help in the deployment validation of NFV.

Clients & Partners

We work with some of the biggest global partners, tier one operators, communications service providers and regulators across the globe.