About us

Our Story

Influenced by our past. Inspired by the future

Prior to Digis Squared, our executive team held senior positions at a number of blue-chip telecom operators.

During that time they all encountered similar challenges when dealing with suppliers. Suppliers sold telecoms and technology services and solutions that didn’t have a practical use case. Also, suppliers couldn’t combine telecoms and technology in ways that enhanced the customer experience and delivered commercial results.

They saw this as an opportunity to offer commercially driven services and solutions to network operators that combined telecoms with technology. Digis Squared was born.

To begin with, Digis Squared delivered full end-to-end solutions for telecom operators that bridged the gap between operators and suppliers. We then increased the scope of our offer by managing operations and planning for different telecoms operators. After this, we developed our product portfolio by launching Connext, INOS and Air Box before expanding into different business streams such as radio, information technology and consulting.

Today, our clients regard us as a trusted partner for data-driven telecom solutions and we continue to thrive and grow in the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

Our Values

Principles that guide everything we do

Digis Squared
Commercially driven. We always focus on delivering commercial value to our clients.

Dependable. We can be counted on to deliver what we promised.

Flexible. We adopt an agile and adaptable approach to everything we do.

Principled. We act with integrity and honesty at all times.

Progressive. We always look to improve and advance whatever we do.

Why Digis Squared?

Telecoms and technology specialists who deliver results

Our agile approach to project delivery means we are quick to align with internal processes and accept change during implementation. This reduces their time to market.

Digis Squared’s executive team has an average of 20 years’ telecoms experience, which means they can provide credible advice to the c-suite based on use cases that are proven to deliver commercial results.

We know how to implement telecoms and technology services and solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Each of our senior executives is a telecoms and technology specialist so we can deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Our extensive telecoms and technology experience demonstrates a track record of operational excellence. This inspires confidence and trust in among the c-suite.

Our IoT capability provides all the necessary components under one roof so we can provide end-to-end testing of the solutions we deliver to our clients.

Our hosted solutions reduce time to market through accelerated service delivery.

If needs be, we can partner with big vendors to deliver the complete solution. This provides convenience, saves time and has the potential to reduce costs.

We employ highly skilled people that have worked at global telecoms operators so our team can solve the problems they face.


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