End to end network auditing

Network auditing is a vital exercise for MNOs to evaluate their operational performance from different perspectives: business, services, technical and end customer. Using our independent expertise across different domains and functions, we provide the MNO with a clear view of their network status from all perspectives.

Value proposition

Audit outcomes focus on providing solid data and actionable insights, for the operator’s management to take informed decisions,

  • Minimise churn rate and increase loyalty
  • Enhance customer experience and reduce number and severity of complaints
  • Enhance service level
  • Pinpoint key issues in the network which need to be improved – with 3 priority levels, and customer experience impact
  • Optimise network capex & opex
  • Enhance current business processes
  • Deliver network excellence

360° technical view

The experienced Digis Squared team, using in-house AI tools, provide an enhancement plan for the network architecture, configuration, capacity, quality, efficiency and strategy across all domains.

  • Customer experience
  • Radio
  • Transport
  • NOC
  • IP Backbone
  • CS & PS Core
  • Charging & VAS

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