Commercial & technical strategy

Be prepared: use our independent experience to develop robust strategies and technology plans

Our senior staff use their vendor and technology independent consulting expertise and experience to guide your business. We help your teams develop robust strategies to ensure you are ready for the changes ahead, and can respond flexibly to whatever the future brings.

  • Commercial strategy: use our independent, vendor-agnostic staff to assess options and provide your teams with a balanced view. The Digis Squared team’s deep experience of working on complex multi-vendor and multi-technology implementations across different geographical regions, means that they have been involved in untangling and fixing many sub-optimal projects – use that knowledge to your advantage! In addition to commercial strategy development, we can guide you in vendor short-listing, run or assist with RFPs and live trials, and manage or arbitrate existing contracts.
  • Technology strategy: operators and enterprises use our team to provide independent, vendor-agnostic expertise to develop technical and technology strategies to address your ambitions and resolve complex situations. We can provide an assessment of your current architecture and capability, identify opportunities and options for enhancement, and guidance on what to avoid or be wary of during implementation. We’ll also help you to assess which actions are necessary to create room to enable additional spend.
  • Technology sunset: our experts can guide your teams in developing strategies to manage technology migrations, as old technologies retire into the sunset and new ones rise to take their place. Develop clear plans to ensure that legacy technologies are managed-out before regulatory licenses end or they become uneconomical. Develop the technical implementation plans to smoothly migrate across to new more efficient technologies.
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Network launch

E2E network launch & new service introduction

Use our expertise to ensure successful deployments

Complex multi-vendor, multi-technology projects benefit from our vendor and technology independent consulting expertise.

  • E2E network launch: use the skills and experience of our team to assist, guide and lead your team. We work with your project team on all aspects of your end to end network launch, from design through vendor selection, lab testing, live trials, and on to commissioning, optimisation and commercial go-live.  We are here to provide the flexible support your business needs, optimising the implementation for your commercial and technical success, and delivering excellent customer experience.
  • E2E network Managed Services: in addition to getting your network ready for launch, our team provide full post-launch end to end managed services for entire mobile networks, covering Radio, Core, BSS, VAS and Field.
  • New service introduction: our teams can guide you on both technical and commercial new service introductions. We work flexibly, so if your team just needs a helping hand, or if you want us to manage the entire process, we can do that. We have dedicated teams working on 5G, EDGE computing, NFV, IoT, Open RAN and other new technologies to develop and improve use cases, products, service portfolios and others using our AI, ML and Data Analytics capabilities.

SOC transformation

Service Operations Centre transformation

See the unseen – automate the identification, diagnosis & prioritisation of issues

A Service Operations Centre (SOC) dramatically transforms your NOC (Networks Operations Centre) into a customer experience centred, and economically efficient, automated system. The Digis Squared SOC takes a vendor-agnostic approach, taking data from network probes to see the unseen, reveal issues, automate complex rules to identify and diagnose problems, and then generate, prioritise and allocate trouble-tickets to the most appropriate resource. SOCs not only identify, diagnose and propose solutions, they work proactively to resolve issues, often before the customer is even aware of an issue.

Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) are used to reveal the real customer experience of,

  • customers by segment (VIPs, corporates and enterprises)
  • geographical hotpots (VIP customers and businesses, hotels, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, tourist sites etc)
  • handset performance
  • OTTs (over the top applications, such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Netflix and so on) – assessing buffering, latency, packet loss, stalling time and frequency, etc

… and AI then aggregates and analyses this data, and runs automated rules.

OTT KQIs (over the top app key quality indicators) can be analysed and assessed by,

  • customer segments
  • geographical hotspots
  • network elements (Cells, clusters, PGWs/GGSN, APNs, ..)
  • network nodes (GGSN, APNs)
  • handset performance
  • • network technologies (2G, 3G, LTE, 5G)
  • and OTT app usage

….. to identify if the cause of a problem is the use of a specific OTT app.

Vendor independent expertise: the Digis Squared team have significant experience, in diverse SOC use cases – use this experience and expertise to your network’s advantage in implementing SOC in your business.


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Independently delivering clear performance data, analysis, and implementable recommendations

Use our multi-technology, multi-vendor knowledge to assess your capability with independence.

  • Network capability and performance benchmarking: using INOS and other AI tools, we can assist your teams, or work independently to assess your network capability and benchmark your competitors.
  • Our reports identify actionable areas for improvement, and recommend and prioritise next steps.
  • We assess for customer experience, commercial impact, technology optimisation and efficiency.

Develop the competency and capability of your teams, so that they can benchmark with confidence.

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Strategic Sourcing

Providing the technical and commercial strategic sourcing support you need to deliver best value for money solutions and services, with state-of-the art technology and superior customer experience.

Our independent and vendor agnostic team can help you,

  • Define the most relevant sourcing channel for the network requirements targeting the appropriate cost reduction methodology.
  • Working with internal stakeholders, define exact requirements together.
  • Design and manage the tendering process end to end: milestones, timelines and reporting.
  • Write or review draft tender documents (RFXs, X=P Proposal, I Information or Q Quotation): technical specifications, commercial terms and contractual conditions.
  • Recommend relevant top market suppliers to be invited to the tender.
  • Develop evaluation methodologies, assess vendor responses and offers, support preparation for vendor presentation meetings.
  • Technical vendor selection: define and manage technical trials.*
  • Tender results reporting to management, with conclusions and recommendations.
  • Write or draft contractual agreements covering the awarded offer details.
  • Other related Consultancy Services we provide,
    • *Technology Testing Consultation: functional testing in the lab, and use cases in the live network.
    • Delivery & Project Management Consultation: during contract implementation, we can assist your teams, by ensuring that contractors take responsibility for and fulfil their contractual obligations, and constructively work together to deliver the best solution for you their client.
    • Post-contract implementation reviews.

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Competence development & training

Equip your teams with the latest telecoms and technology skills and knowledge

Digis Squared has over 50 industry experts with 10 or more years’ multinational mobile operator experience. Our team of experienced vendor and technology independent consulting staff are well placed to deliver a broad range of technical and non-technical training.

Our approach for competence development utilises different methods to best suit the client, their culture and team needs, with an emphasis on on-job training as well as classroom training, delivered as active, participatory workshops and webinars by our technology experts.  We can deliver training on-site, remotely via video link, or in your own time via online material.

Digis Squared has delivered multiple competence development programs to Tier 1 operators. We have delivered hundreds of hours of training that has helped develop many engineers from our customers’ teams.

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation discussion with our team, or request a copy of our Technical Training Catalogue:

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Boot camp

Provide participants with the in-depth technical and practical knowledge they need to work more effectively.

Technical workshops

Equip employees with specific telecoms and technical knowledge. Our Technical Training Catalogue includes,

  • LTE optimisation
  • VoLTE, Voice Over Wi-Fi
  • IoT, NB-IoT LTE
  • 5G
  • NFV
  • Access network (radio, transmission, power)
  • Core network (CS & PS, IP backbone, VAS)
  • Networks & customer experience
  • Network rollout & strategy

Student programmes

Facilitate a smoother transition from academic studies to life in a fast-paced commercial organisation.

Tailored programmes

Bespoke solutions, designed in partnership with our clients to address immediate competency gaps, and ensure they have robust employee succession plans in place.

Customer references

In this blog post, Amr Ashraf from the Training Team, describes who we train and how – including solving real network issues on the courses, that students can immediately fix.