System Integration

Private 5G & LTE networks

Providing everything you need to design, deploy and operate a secure, dedicated 5G/LTE private network for your staff or exclusive guests, with fully optimised mobile coverage and data throughput capabilities, to meet your specific needs across a private campus, facility, city sector, or specific geography.

Private network use cases

Combining the best of both worlds: private networks deliver a dedicated secure network in the places you need it most, plus your users benefit from seamless “roaming” in and out of standard mobile networks on the same standard handset. Applications include,

  • Mission critical industrial applications, where drop in coverage is not an option: oil & gas, mining, energy production and transmission, advanced factories.
  • Secure sites: Government and military campuses, ports and tax-free zones.
  • Technology & industrial parks & campuses: where gauranteed high data volumes and coverage are signfiicant added value to clients.
  • Prestige locations.

Customised deployments

Digis Squared provide end to end consultancy and system integration services to build private networks tailored to client needs.

  • Optimised for specific use cases: deployment model, spectrum, radio details, core network, orchestration & applications.
  • Profiles for different kinds of customers that can easily be implemented as needed, depending on size, area, number of sensors and cameras, or any other parameter. Thus, this will save time on deploying systems for customers, serving more customers while ensuring top-quality installations.

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