System integration

E2E NG networks

5G, OpenRAN & Private Networks: E2E solutions, testing & audit

Vendor agnostic solution design, integration, verification & live trials, for every network technology

The Digis Squared team are here to help, and can provide their experience, AI-led tools, and expertise to help operators and CSPs with all aspects of Open RAN strategy, integration, testing and performance benchmarking, and deployment optimisation.

  • Utilise our 5G, OpenRAN and Private Network experience, expertise and capability to transform your network.
  • For next and legacy network technologies: independent design or review of end to end solutions, providing a vendor-agnostic opinion and recommendations to ensure you have a clear view of the capability of the system proposed before your big investment decisions are made.
  • Project management of complex multi-vendor programmes, bringing our diverse expertise to benefit your teams.
  • Integration of multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions, ensuring systems are optimised for you and your customers, not the vendor.
  • Verification, testing and audit of system performance, for all network technologies, ensuring that you achieve the throughputs and power savings claimed by vendors before projects are signed off and invoices paid.
  • Interoperability testing between vendor components, release validation, and end to end performance benchmarking – ensuring your investment is delivering the best performance and customer experience possible.
  • Management of live trials, ensuring an independent and thoughtful view on system capability, design optimisation opportunities, and customer experience enhancements that could be achieved before full deployment.


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Service Creation Environment (SCE)

Transform the economics of your network

Service Creation Environment (SCE) revamps the capability of your Value Added Services (VAS) infrastructure to increase flexibility and reduce time to market.

  • Aggregate Value-Added Services, driving down capex and opex cost by removing the need for multiple licences, platforms and support agreements – in addition to onerous power consumption costs.
  • Converge capabilities, remove silo’s and bring all data into one place.
  • Avoid lengthy procurement processes and complex integration projects because services can be developed then deployed from one centralised platform, reducing time to market.
  • Foster disruptive innovation and real-time capabilities: rapidly develop services in-house or by third parties in the Service Creation Environment, then deploy swiftly.
  • Dynamically allocate resources for services and capacity through Smart Drive, making efficient use of all resources

Data management

Data management

Empowering businesses with the ability to derive deep insights for fact-based decisions that can increase competitive advantage

  • We provide data warehousing, enterprise data strategy, data modelling, data mining, advanced data analytics, data visualization, data migration, big data, data cleansing and business intelligence services.
  • We empower businesses with the ability to derive deep insights for fact-based decisions that can increase competitive advantage, create process efficiencies, monetize data, and increase revenue.
  • We make sure your business is set up to succeed in data management through strategy development, establishing robust and extendable architecture (based on Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL and other leading platforms), and real-time analytics.

Bespoke software

Bespoke software solutions

End to end customised software development, from mobile apps to network integration

Application Development Management (ADM): full end-to-end life cycle management

  • Requirements management, solution architecture and design, test case definition and management, business configuration, development & coding, system integration and functional testing, UAT and live environment deployment
  • Delivery support: project and vendor management, QA & SLAs, configuration and release management, continuous improvement (ITIL v3 & eTOM)


Core network integration: agile and scalable virtual network solution offering industry-leading performance and enabling the rapid creation and delivery of new services,

  • EPC
  • Customised policies with DPI and Microservices Architecture HTTP/REST APIs
  • Optimised Network for IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
  • Automated Service Provisioning
  • “Any G” architecture, multi-access Wi-Fi, fixed line
  • High-performance Distributed (CUPS) Architecture.

Payments & billing

Payment gateway & carrier billing

Ensuring payments move securely

Payment gateway: tailored modules to consolidate your businesses payment needs

  • Unify the customer experience and brand implementation across all channels.
  • Customer can pay bills, top-up (own account or others), purchase from operator or merchant by using a registered credit card, mobile wallet, charge-on-bill, from balance, with a voucher, or pay via payment company.
  • 360 degree view across all customer payments: securely integrated with customer facing and customer services systems, plus operator backend systems and databases.
  • Business confidence: encrypted, PCI DSS / PA DSS, with full reporting, fraud detection, chargeback and reconciliation.


Direct carrier billing: purchase by charging to your mobile phone bill

  • No special device needed – any feature phone with a connected SIM will work.
  • Integrate once: connect to Digis Squared’s DCB Platform, and you can handle all payments (one-off or subscription) between merchants, consumers & carriers.
  • Secure, fast: no personal data transmitted, shorter checkout flow and up to x10 conversion rate compared with credit card payments.

Device management

Device, eSIM & SIM management

Securely optimising connected devices and their (e)SIMs

AI enhancement of capacity management - a brightly coloured image of a phone being held in a left handand light spots, plus dots and lines

Device management (DM): ensuring the best service for your IoT, consumer and business customers

  • Device identification through one of the industry’s most extensive device repositories
  • Configuration of smartphones, IoT, VoLTE and VoWIFI devices – mobile and fixed devices
  • Enterprises: empower staff to BYOD, whilst protecting sensitive data, and simplifying IT processes
  • Consumers: optimise device settings to work on your network, minimising customer service impact
  • Flexible modular architecture, plus unified licensing model to streamline commercial implementation


SIM & eSIM management: vital control and secure management of network credentials

  • RFM and RAM (over SMS and IP bearers)
  • eSIM provisioning for consumer and IoT/M2M devices
  • SIM vendor agnostic, ensuring flexibility in your vendor choices
  • Unified licensing model to streamline the commercial implementation

Unified comms

Unified communications & messaging services

From one simple stand-alone solution to fully integrated solutions

Unified communications

Seamless UC ensures a higher level of interaction throughout the globally-dispersed workforce, including when staff work from home or away from the office. It breaks down the silos between enterprise teams, and ensures that no matter where you work, you can still access the same secure system, equipped with:

  • IM, SMS, email, voicemail
  • Meeting scheduling
  • VoIP and video calling
  • Web conferencing
  • Screen and document sharing
    …and so much more

Messaging based services

  • Deliver VAS core services and fill the gaps in your capability, from hardware deployment, new service launch, integration, testing, and optimisation, including…
    • SMSC, USSDC, MMSC, Voice SMS, IMS and 5G
    • Out Bound IVR Call Completion Service, Location Based SMS, Bulk Advertising SMS Campaign Management System, SMS Browsing, Call Signature Service, Mobile Carrier APP, Inbound & Out Bound Welcome SMS Service, SMS Anti Spamming & Anti Spoofing, SMS Content Filtering ( Application to Peer Controller ), Interactive/Static End of Call Notification, Mobile Wallet Solution, USSD Code Correction
    • Call Completion Suite (Missed Call Notification, Notify on Reachability, Voice Mail, Video Mail, Call Completion USSD)
    • Call Completion Suite with Campaign Management System (advertise your MCN & NOR & gain more revenue)
    • iCell Broadcast Center: efficiently distribute messages to mobile devices located in a specific location, targeting either a single cell, a group of cells, or a cluster of groups.

Call completion & advertising based services

  • Mobile Call Sponsoring, Mobile VPN Solution, Mobile Collect Call, Mobile Roaming Collect Call, Roaming Seamless Call Back Service, Out Bound Roaming Call Correction Service
  • Mobile Virtual SIM, Mobile Number Portability
  • Ring Tone Enrichment (Advertisement based on Calling Party Number ), Bulk Out Bound Advertising Calls (Out Bound IVR) Campaign Management System, Location Based Out Bound Voice Calls, Smart Behavioural Traffic Analysis Advertisement (advertise within your calls based on Customer Behaviour), Call Filtration

Out of credit messaging portfolio

  • Mobile Missed Call Simulator
  • Out of Credit Emergency Call
  • Out of Credit Interactive SMS
  • Emergency Credit USSD Service

VAS security & regulatory

  • SMS Firewall
  • Content Filtering
  • Cell Broadcast
  • Locations Based Services
  • Do Not Disturb & contacting rules