Managed services

Smart planning

Use our vendor agnostic team and in-house independent AI tools to assist you with all elements of smart planning across your networks – the key factor for delivering CapEx and OpEx savings and maximising RoI.

Smart staff & AI tools

Use our experienced staff and independent cognitive tools to benefit your network,

  • ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) improving network performance through re-engineering of existing sites, to support ever changing traffic distributions
  • ASP (Accurate Site Planning) adequate selection for new sites location
  • AFP / ANR / Automatic PCI Planning / Automatic RSN Planning / Automatic PSC Planning



Independent advice

We are here to provide you with straightforward, vendor agnostic advice. We don’t sell hardware – we want you to optimise the equipment you’ve already invested in. Our team can:

  • Deliver new designs
  • Audit designs put forward by other RF staff, or third-parties
  • Guide, advise or manage your teams as they implement and deploy new network features and capabilities.

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