Digis Squared’s INOS AI tool, developed in-house, is a vendor agnostic, multi-network-technology solution delivering automated assessment, testing, benchmarking and optimisation of networks. Generating actionable reports in just 15 minutes, combined with live-view for instant adjustments, INOS significantly reduces the time taken to complete the work and opex cost, to deliver optimum customer experience.

Actionable analysis: flexible, comprehensive, efficient

For MNOS & CSPs,

  • Automated testing, benchmarking and analysis platform
  • Drive testing (DT) & in-building solution (IBS) capability
  • Performance & QoE
  • End to end IoT system testing
  • SSV single site verification & cluster benchmarking
  • Complaints handling
  • Open RAN interoperability and benchmarking
  • Fast actionable reports, plus live-view for efficient network optimisation
  • and more, across all network technologies and vendors.

For Regulators & MVNOs: independently assess coverage and throughput rates, using this vendor-agnostic AI tool, with the support of our independent telecoms experts.

Fast & ultra efficient

INOS significantly reduces the time taken and opex costs to deliver reports and actionable recommendations.

  • Single Site Verification is reduced from two days to just one, and benchmarking from four days to the same day.
  • No need for an engineer in the field or building – equipment can be driven, cycled or walked along a pre-defined (remotely updateable) route by anyone, even a taxi driver!
  • Remotely updated data is analysed, and actionable reports generated within 15 minutes.

INOS: vendor agnostic, multi-network-technology analysis and actionable reports, fast, with no engineer in the field

Test every way, and everywhere

Wherever, and however the INOS testing is undertaken, there is no need for a qualified engineer to be with the kit – scripts are updated securely over the air, and data is automatically uploaded, live, into the cloud.

  • The INOS kit can be deployed in static mode, for active measurement in-building
  • Or dynamic mode: as a backpack for easy transportation on foot in-building, or along narrow twisty streets in town on foot, bicycle or moped.
  • Or, more traditionally, in a box with up to 24 devices for drive testing.
INOS flexible configurations for field deployment – no engineer needed!

Extensive handset support

We use 2G-5G Android Qualcomm handsets, and support multi-vendor 5G chipsets (Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm flagship mobiles).

Fast reports plus real-time viewing

  • INOS uses automated post-processing and AI analysis to assess all data and generate customisable dashboards, prioritised recommendations, KPI analysis and branded reports within 15 minutes.
  • Data is collected in real-time – network changes can be made and retested immediately.
  • Realtime alarms enable field issues to be identified immediately. Automated, customisable reports can be geo-fenced and time-limited.
INOS delivers fast, automated AI analysis, and bespoke branded reports, + real-time viewing

Accurate, fully automated robotic post-processing

  • Investigative Drive Testing (DT), with automated reporting within 15 minutes
  • Single Site Verification (SSV)
  • Benchmarking (BM) between different operators, or within the same operator before and after specific tests. Valuable for telecom operators, CSPs, MVNOs and Regulators.
  • In Building Solution (IBS): indoor testing, typically for office buildings and shopping malls, including 5G and Private Network technologies
  • Field optimisation: analysis of current metrics to support performance optimisation strategies, problem identification and resolution, network design, optimisation of growing networks to meet customer demands
  • Active probing & customer complaints (CC) handling, including VIP
  • OpenRAN functionality support: end-to-end from radio through to interoperability testing between OpenRAN and Legacy RAN, across levels 1-3, and identification of actions required to remove discrepancies
  • End-to-end Internet of Things (IIoT & IoT)testing, including deep layer analysis, LTE, Cat 1, NB1 and NB2
INOS real-time reports

Analysis, reports and optimisation for every network technology

Add-on, time-saving modules

  • POLQA score prediction
  • Network fragility index
  • Coverage anomaly detection
  • INOS network health score

Flexible deployment options

The INOS platform can be deployed on-premise, or in the public or private cloud.

INOS & Intel

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