Technology sunset

Navigating a path from legacy technologies to the future: 2G and 3G network licence expiry, proactive migration, spectrum resource optimisation, managing customer impacts.

Technical impacts

Develop technical strategies and implementation plans to manage technology migrations, as old technologies retire into the sunset and new ones rise to take their place.

  • Detailed plans to manage out legacy technologies ahead of regulatory deadlines
  • Spectrum re-farming: re-allocate and optimise finite spectrum resources, efficiently
  • Re-model capacity and resource management
  • Coverage assessment, gaps and plans

Commercial impacts

Develop commercial strategies and plans to handle the complex web of impacts.

  • Assess and mitigate 2G, 3G, MVNO and IoT customer impacts
  • Review in-bound roaming arrangements
  • Contract status and break clauses
  • Competitor landscape
  • Regulatory requirements, plans and communication
  • Internal and retail training

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