Managed Services

Indoor services

In-building solutions (IBS) address indoor coverage issues by distributing radio signals in a precise and measured way to eliminate dead or poor coverage areas. Often deployed in high footfall, or high value locations, our indoor services address all aspects of IBS from design to implementation and operation.

Microcells & DAS

The most efficient way to achieve optimal quality, coverage & capacity results inside buildings – for example, shopping malls, airports, stadium, corporate offices, deluxe hotels – is to use Microcells with Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

  • Passive DAS: combination of passive components such as splitter, coupler, feeder etc. Cost effective and widely used for covering small to medium sized buildings.
  • Active DAS: using active equipment in large venues, complex buildings and VIP sites, to provide exceptional RF coverage for multi-frequency, multi-operator and multi-service networks.
  • Hybrid DAS: combining both passive and active DAS solutions in the network design to optimise coverage and cost across the building(s).
  • We used Digis Squared’s in-house solution, INOS, to assess indoor coverage before and after deployment.

Turnkey deployments

The Digis Squared team provides turnkey end-to-end In-building Solutions and operational services – from initial assessment, to design, deployment and management.

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