System Integration

Value Added Services consolidation

VAS consolidation helps clients optimise capex and opex, reduce complexity and multi-vendor hassle, and simplify operations. Adding an open service creation environment (SCE) accelerates time to market for new services and innovations.

VAS consolidation portfolio

Our most frequently requested projects are shown below – but if you’re searching for something else just get in touch, our full portfolio is vast! 

  • Messaging (SMSC, USSDC, MMSC, RCS)
  • Call completion suite (missed call notification , notify on reachability , voice mail , video mail, call completion USSD)
  • Location based advertising
  • SMS firewall
  • Mobile call sponsoring
  • Smart roaming solutions
  • Device & SIM management, including mobile virtual SIM (eSIM)
  • Smart behavioural traffic analysis advertisement based on online triggers
  • Call filtration
  • Consolidate existing VAS, and deploy an open service creation environment (SCE) to accelerate future time to market.

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