System Integration

Virtualised voice & data core

We provide all elements of design, system integration and verification for virtualised data and voice core, serving all access technologies up to 5G SA (Stand Alone) & NSA (Non Stand Alone) deployments, with all the necessary supporting functions.

Virtualised voice & data core portfolio

Our virtualised voice & data core capabilities include,

  • vEPC
  • IMS
  • Video & TCP optimisation

Insights & Events


5G Core Powering the Future of Connectivity

2 December, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the advent of 5G stands as a monumental leap forward. Let’s delve deeper into this advanced infrastructure and the pivotal concepts that shape its functionality.


KATANA IPM Analytics

13 November, 2023

Do you want to reduce downtime and enhance your network performance? Our Network Performance Management Automation Platform, KATANA, can help with the early detection of network failures or security breaches!

Solution updates

Eagle Eye: Revolutionizing Mobile Network Testing with INOS

2 November, 2023

Learn more about the “Eagle Eye” feature in INOS, a powerful tool that facilitates data-driven decision-making for network optimization.


GSMA MWC Africa 2022 ◦ Transforming lives

22 September, 2022

Digis Squared at GSMA MWC Africa in Kigali. Sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at the African continent’s most influential connectivity event. 25th-27th October 2022.

Solution updates

Wangiri Fraud Case Study

4 January, 2022

Co-Founder Yasser ElSabrouty shares a Wangiri Fraud Case Study, a growing and costly type of telecom fraud – what is it, who does it impact?

Business updates

Strategic Sourcing ◦ Total spend optimisation, it’s not all about direct price

11 February, 2022

Strategic Sourcing ◦ Total spend optimisation, it’s not all about direct price. Ahmed AboulGheit shares his vendor and contract insights.

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