Digis Squared has over 50 industry experts with 10 or more years’ multinational mobile operator experience. This means they are well placed to deliver a broad range of technical and non-technical training.

We also complete Training Needs Assessments based on RADAR analysis. This helps organisations identify existing competency gaps and establish the knowledge their employees require to enable them to realise their strategic plan.

Our training methods are flexible and can be delivered either on-site or online:

Boot camps

Provide participants with the technical and practical knowledge they need to work more effectively

Technical workshops

Equip employees with specific telecoms and technical knowledge, including:

  • LTE optimisation
  • VoLTE
  • IoT
  • 5G
  • Telecom Power solutions
  • NFV
  • NB-IoT LTE
  • Voice Over Wi-Fi

Student programmes

Facilitate a smoother transition of students from their academic studies to the realities of life in a commercial organisation

Tailored programmes

Designed in partnership with our clients to address immediate competency gaps and ensure they have robust employee succession plans in place.