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Pioneering Managed Services in Open RAN Networks

The rise of Open RAN technologies has helped in introducing a new network operations era, highlighting numerous integration points, and interfaces, along with seamless integration of third-party solutions into MNOs networks.

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, Digis Squared stands as a trailblazer in delivering large-scale managed service projects across multiple Network Operator domains. With an extensive portfolio covering Field, RAN, Transport, IPBB, Core, VAS, and BSS domains, the company boasts profound experience and a robust foundation in managing Mobile Network Operator (MNO) networks. Leveraging multi-vendor expertise and diverse technological proficiency, Digis Squared ensures optimal operations for its Open RAN networks.

The emergence of Open RAN technologies has introduced a paradigm shift in network operations, presenting complexities attributed to an increased number of vendors, multiple integration points and interfaces as well as third parties solutions that are seamlessly integrated with MNOs network. In response, Digis Squared has ingeniously crafted its proprietary Managed Service Operations model. This model, aligned with the ITIL operational framework, the ITU FCAPS model, and SMO Standard guidelines provided by the ORAN Alliance, serves as a guiding structure for the company’s operational strategies across all Open RAN knowledge domains.

Within this model, Digis Squared meticulously covers a wide array of activities integral to Open RAN network management:

  • Radio Planning and Optimization activities including various types of RIC Operations  
  • Field Activities
    • Field maintenance
      • Corrective Maintenance
      • Preventive Maintenance
  • E2ETesting Activities
    • Drive Testing
    • Network function testing
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) activities
    • Front Office Operations
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Service Desk Operations
      • Helpdesk
      • Change Management
      • Incident Management
      • Problem Management
      • Risk Management
      • Reporting
    • Back Office Operations
    • Integration activities that include third parties’ management and Operations.
  • Customer Experience Governance activities.
Figure 1: Digis Squared ORAN MS Model

The encompassing nature of Digis Squared’s model extends its coverage across various essential components:

  • Radio
  • Site Hardware
  • RAN Software
  • Transport
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • CaaS and O-cloud

The company’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of vendors, encompassing but not limited to VMWare, RedHat, Robin io, NEC, Mavenit, Altio-Star, Juniper, Dell, and HP. This expansive vendor landscape ensures a comprehensive understanding of diverse technological infrastructures, enabling Digis Squared to offer unparalleled solutions and support within the Open RAN ecosystem.

Digis Squared’s commitment to excellence and innovation in managed services within Open RAN networks continues to redefine industry standards. By blending extensive experience, a robust operational model, and a diverse vendor portfolio, the company stands at the forefront of delivering top-tier services in the realm of telecommunications.

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, Digis Squared remains dedicated to pioneering advancements, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service delivery in the dynamic landscape of Open RAN networks.