Product portfolio

Digis Squared’s Product Portfolio

Developed in-house, to deliver efficient solutions and independent capability for our clients

Since the inception of Digis Squared the leadership team decided to invest and develop our own in-house, vendor-agnostic, multi-technology and scalable automated solutions, to ensure our clients have access to vendor-independent solutions. Our work in different regions and sectors has enabled us to identify innovative new revenue opportunities, which can easily be added to existing networks.

Today, our clients use these Digis Squared products to accelerate network upgrades and network transformation, deliver new revenue opportunities, and to manage their network traffic growth and network complexity efficiently.

Digis Squared’s Automation Suite

Delivering automation for E2E network optimisation, planning, testing and work-flow management, these products interact with all major vendors’ platforms, including Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia.  Our independent, vendor-agnostic approach, and deep knowledge of multi-vendor implementations, accelerates the pace of your digital network transformation, and ensures efficient optimisation of your network for the benefit of your business, and your customers.

Digis Squared INOS product square


Intelligent Network Optimisation System

An intelligent, automated testing, benchmarking and analysis platform, delivering drive testing, in-building solution capability, end to end IoT system testing, and much more.

Digis Squared RAI square


Radio Artificial Intelligence

Identify, prioritise & action network issues, intelligently.

Digis Squared ML AI CM square


AI & ML harnessed to optimise network capacity

AI-assisted vendor-agnostic capacity modelling, and active management, for all network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G).

Digis Squared 5G & network tools

Digis Squared 5G square - Barna Bartis


Independent, vendor-agnostic expertise for your most complex project

Strategy, network design, deployment, testing & optimisation, mMTC & edge computing.

Digis Squared Digis-One square


Unified Fault Management (UFM) | One interface, all NMS

A single solution for complex multi-vendor network management systems, automating root cause analysis and problem resolution.

Additional Digis Squared revenue generating tools

Digis Squared eCommerce square - Timothy Muza

eCommerce & payment gateways

Transform how money moves, with efficiency and security

Whether its consultancy advice, strategy, technical implementation or operational support, the Digis Squared team can help you with all aspects of your eCommerce.

Digis Squared Digis-Points device square

Digital loyalty

Smart secure solution for voucher and point redemption, and smart referrals

Digi-Points for an instantaneous, secure solution for voucher and point issuance and redemption, plus integration with CRM, DWH, recharge and other platforms.

Plus, additional smart referral service solution.

Digis Squared AirBox front seat square

Smart advertising

Digital marketing solutions to offer to third parties

AirBox: Out of home advertising that delivers engaging customer experiences.

Plus, Connext, Smart Flyers & SIM advertising solutions.