5G network design, deployment, optimisation


5G network design, deployment & optimisation


1. Strategy

Our vendor-agnostic, independent team of experts are here to assist MNOs and service providers to develop, adopt and implement the best strategies for their 5G network design, deployment & optimisation, and ensure efficient integration with legacy technologies.



2. Network design

Network design is the key factor to ensure easy network operation and best customer experience. At Digis Squared we know that delivering good design is the key step to help MNOs and service providers to achieve their 5G targets.

Digis Squared’s network design tools and data modelling are used to identify and deliver the best to our clients, and are key in guiding our clients in their 5G network design, deployment, optimisation projects.


3. 5G network optimisation: capability, customer experience & interoperability

Our vendor-independent, multi-technology team of experts handle Non-Stand Alone (NSA) and Stand Alone (SA) optimisation services, delivering comprehensive audit, design review and approval, configuration and cluster performance as part of 5G network design, deployment, optimisation projects.



4. 5G network testing

Ensuring you have vendor and technology agnostic data to base your decisions on.

Network testing is a vital step in both the acceptance phase of massive 5G deployment projects, and performance enhancement after acceptance. During both phases, the Digis Squared team ensures you have direct access to vendor agnostic and independent experts, delivering clear answers and optimised solutions to your teams.

The Digis Squared INOS testing solution is a cloud-based, automated network testing solution, with support for 5G devices. INOS enables you to verify, accept, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network in environments where portability is vital – malls, stadiums, offices, and other large venues. Additionally, when used in drive testing, its portability means that no experts are needed in the vehicle, just the driver, ensuring staff-efficiency and safety during Covid-19. The advanced testing capabilities of INOS, including the ability to support multiple devices, provides the subscriber (QoE) and the network (QoS) with near real-time reporting, plus automatic reporting and analysis capabilities with actionable insights to improve your subscribers’ mobile experience.

With over 80% of all mobile data traffic occurring indoors, and growing demand on 5G fixed wireless, INOS empowers you with the data to make decisions, and to plan and optimize your indoor and small cells investments with great efficiency in OPEX and TTM.

Digis Squared’s INOS automatic testing platform can be used in all types of testing, including,


5. 5G network operations

Independent, flexible support to meet your needs.

Digis Squared has developed a very strong operations model to handle 5G nodes operationally, starting with FM and CR handling to back office, front office and integration activities handling.

Adopting special models to operationally handle 5G-NR network is vital in early deployment phases in order to ensure non-continuous coverage network performance and customer experience.

Our experienced, vendor-agnostic team can work alongside yours as they come up to speed, or manage all 5G operations for you – we work flexibly to meet your needs.


6. mMTC & Edge computing

Machine-type communications (MTC) play a significant role within 5G networks, and are typically broken down into,

Key issues for mMTC,

Whatever your ambitions for massive machine type communication and edge computing deployment, work with our teams to ensure the smooth deployment and optimisation of all your new technologies.


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