Digis-Capacity • smart capacity management

The independence of the Digis Squared team, and vast experience of multi-technology and multi-vendor implementations ensures you benefit from intelligent, vendor-agnostic capacity modelling for all network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G).

Digis-Capacity: autonomous capacity management

We enable communications services providers and mobile network operators to achieve more with your network resources: absorb new traffic demands, and optimise the expansions you need by using Digis Squared’s vendor-agnostic, off-the-shelf solutions.



Use our expertise to dynamically assist your teams

Digis-Capacity delivers,


Many of our clients use modular capacity management modules developed by the Digis Squared team, with bespoke adaptations if needed, to,


Our teams can use these capabilities to deliver value to service providers and mobile network operators,


We can assist you right now with our ready-to-go, adaptive-modular capacity management modules, developed in-house to,


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