INOS • Intelligent Network Optimisation System

Developed in-house by Digis Squared, INOS is an intelligent, automated testing, benchmarking and analysis platform for network operators and service providers, delivering drive testing (DT), in-building solution (IBS) capability, end to end IoT system testing, and much more, whilst decreasing both the time taken to complete the work and opex cost.

INOS is also used by Regulators needing to independently assess coverage and throughput rates, using a vendor-agnostic tool, with the support of our independent telecoms experts.


Using cloud-controlled mobiles mounted in cars or taken around buildings, INOS collects and uploads data to the cloud, and eliminates the need for a laptop or engineers in the car, or out and about inside buildings. INOS can receive updated test scripts in the field to instantly re-analyse live network configuration changes, avoiding expensive follow-up field trips. It minimises the sometimes chaotic nature of drive tests, and ensures your staff can work alone at Covid-19 safe distances.

In the (private or public) cloud, engineers can handle on-screen post-processing, as well as generate all the reports needed, with a single click.

INOS testing capabilities include,


INOS reduces the time and opex to deliver reports and actionable recommendations: Single Site Verification is reduced from two days to just one, and benchmarking from four days to the same day.

Use case based testing

INOS: Modular architecture, designed with uses cases at its heart

Supported use cases




Additional features 


Technical implementation


Automated reporting

Perform routine tasks with ease, and generate actionable reports automatically

INOS automatic reporting


Use cases


Quality testing

A modular suite of automated network intelligence and testing tools


INOS Network Digis Squared   INOS Network Digis Squared


Use cases


Voice quality testing


INOS live monitoring

Sophisticated network monitoring from your smartphone

INOS Live monitoring Digis Squared  INOS Live monitoring Digis Squared


IoT testing

Comprehensive IoT testing delivered through an intuitive testing tool

The Digis Squared team knows how complex IoT issues can be, especially when problems occur intermittently. Use our skills and expertise to get to the heart of your IoT issues, and solve them efficiently. We use INOS as part of our approach to testing IoT systems, as it can assess complex interactions across multi-vendor network implementations.


By using the INOS IoT testing module the functionality of IoT sensors can be easily checked, as well as the deep layers, to investigate any E2E network issues. The solution can also deliver deep layer investigation over air interface.



Configuration browser

Audit, browse and map the configuration of different sites in one place


Network planning

Easy access to configuration and radio network planning


Use cases


Trace analyser

Multi-vendor end-to-end signalling and data flow management


Use cases


Network KPI management

One interface for multi-vendor KPI reporting and automatic alerts


Use cases



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