IMS & CS Core Senior Solution Architect Cairo Egypt

Please check the specific details, required experience, and location.

If you’ve got what it takes, please,
• First, check: Candidates must have the minimum experience described below.
• If you have this experience, please email your CV to us, and ensure you put the job title in the subject field of your email

We are looking for an IMS & CS Core Senior Solution Architect to join our team. Could it be you?


  • Digis Squared office in Cairo, Egypt (only)



  • Responsible for IMS Services Design and Partners Evaluations
  • Responsible for CS Core Service portfolio Preparations, Analyzing and flourishing
  • Responsible for IMS & CS solutions Design
  • Responsible for Partners communications
  • Responsible for RFPs Technical Responses including but not limited to: Solution Design, Partners Selection, Services Scoping
  • Responsible for IMS & CS Core Delivery teams Dimensioning, Competencies evaluations and candidates Selections
  • Responsible for Sales team support during the RFP stages
  • Responsible for maintaining high level of customer satisfaction from technical point of view
  • In some cases, you will be Responsible for managing the delivery of the projects.


Skills & experience

  • Minimum of 5 Years’ Experience in CS Core domain
  • BSC. Degree in telecommunication from any university is a must
  • Experience with Container based Architecture and Kubernetes as well as current cloud infrastructure systems (openstack, vmware, KVM, AWS,…) is a must
  • Instantiation / Integration Experience – Able to integrate Kubernetes Cluster, Instantiate and Integrate Interfaces
  • Networking Experience & Troubleshooting – Able to verify Call’s flow vs 3GPP Spec and troubleshoot as needed
  • VoLTE Network Performance Experience
  • IP routing knowledge/experience
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Analysis, must be able to understand KPIs as they relate to call flows and 3GPP Specs
  • Strong communication skills to be able to defend their work / technical expertise in front of customer and other vendors
  • Experience in reading, analyzing and responding to CS Core and IMS RFPs is a must
  • Comfortable with Data Collection and Retrieval procedures, working on live systems
  • Must be able to evaluate partners solutions and select best match for customers’ requirements
  • Expert in Application of traffic generators like iPerf, IxLoad
  • Experience with LTE and IMS core system interfaces and protocols such as S1-MME, S1-U, S6a, S11, S5/S8, Rx, NAS, S1-AP, RRC, GTPv2c, GTP-U, SGs-AP is desired
  • Good understanding for probing solutions

Additionally, you must have excellent written and spoken English (if you also have French-speaking skills that would be very useful), and superb communication skills.