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Managed Services ◦ Now more than ever, reduce operational costs and outpace competitors

Use our independent Managed Services capabilities, now more than ever, to reduce operational costs, and outpace competitors.

This year service providers and telecom operators have experienced greater uncertainty and unpredictability than in any other. With rapidly changing demand and geographical dynamics, shortages of equipment, and increased customer enquiries, all teams across businesses have been stretched to capacity. Combined with this, staff and family health and home schooling, plus physical office and working from home issues have meant that “working” has itself been more difficult than ever before.

Working safely, to keep communities connected

The “new normal” created massive changes in demand, as both home-working and communications between friends and family impacted the networks. At Digis Squared, we ensured that all our staff are able to work safely and are equipped to work remotely. Our teams can assist yours in adapting their network strategies, adjusting operational support, and implementing new technologies to support the changes we see now, and those we can anticipate as the situation continues to change.

We are here to support your teams in ensuring that they can do their work safely and securely, and that together we can keep our communities connected.

The next phase: resilience – from respond to recover, from react to reinvent

Now, some countries are starting to remove restrictions, whilst others are anticipating lockdown being re-imposed, and businesses are switching from reacting to recovering. Addressing the initial crisis within businesses was achieved with an urgent energy, focus and determination; now there is a need to identify and implement sustainable solutions for the longer term, with resilience to handle recurrent unpredictability, plus flexible options as peaks and troughs in resources and capabilities ebb and flow.

“…the telecom operator’s journey to a full telco cloud environment, where network functions and services are orchestrated and automated across a ‘containerized’ network applications cloud landscape, will be accelerated to prepare for the next pandemic crisis and the ever growing need for telecom services.”  Source: Deloitte (1)

Reducing complex costs & finding flexibility

A recent Covid-19 paper from Deloitte (2), posed 6 key questions telecom executives and boards should be asking now.

Across all of these areas, the Digis Squared team can apply their extensive experience and expertise to support your business. In addition to the specific managed services outlined below, we can identify and resolve operational service problems, and upgrade and refocus skills within dynamically changing teams.

Relentless focus on outcomes

Digis Squared’s Managed Services capabilities help our clients to flexibly address resource constraints, reduce operational costs and outpace competitors. Whether you need short term support, or longer term outsourcing flexibility, as a vendor-agnostic partner our teams can deliver innovative cloud strategies, application modernization and help desk solutions.

Our Managed Services team adapts a near-shore / off-shore model of delivery through multiple support hubs to provide 24×7 support for customers in multiple technology stacks. We seek to operate and optimize IT support functions through an ITIL aligned service delivery model managed by ITSM delivery experts and resource managers.

The Digis Squared team work on your behalf, delivering intelligence, value and experience for your business, and focusing on the outcomes you are striving to achieve.

Reduce operational costs & outpace competitors

Investments made at this time need to work doubly hard: delivering flexibility and cost reduction benefits now, and ensuring that they help your business outpace your competitors. Just some of the ways the Digis Squared team can deliver agility and competitive edge to your business include,

  • Revise Business Continuity Plans: review assumptions, re-plan and re-scale, improving resilience and flexibility.
  • Accelerate digital transformation: use AI and RPA to extend the use of robotic process automation as part of your digital transformation agenda, and automate mundane, repetitive tasks to deliver consistent customer experience, and free-up greater capacity for more complex calls and processes to be handled by your skilled staff.
  • Accelerate 5G deployment and integration to better handle high demand dynamically.
  • Implement autonomous capacity management, using AI to handle unpredictable demand with agility and efficiency.
  • Automated drive testing and complaints handling with INOS: eliminate the need for skilled engineers to perform drive tests; instead, a solitary-driver takes the INOS stand-alone box on a predefined route, and all data is automatically uploaded for analysis remotely. AI-led analysis generates reports for assessment and action, to deliver the optimal customer experience and aid high-value customer retention.
  • E2E Radio Network Services: use our vendor agnostic independent team of experts to provide technical strategy reviews, competency development, radio optimization for legacy networks, radio planning, network performance and innovation in multi-technology multi-vendor environments.

Now more than ever, reduce operational costs and outpace competitors with Managed Services.

To discuss how our managed services expertise can help your business, please use this link or email sales@DigisSquared.com to arrange a convenient time for an informal conversation.

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“5G will play a critical role in the digital economy for decades to come. This new era of intelligent connectivity offers the chance to recast customer value propositions, accelerate industrial transformation, and reinvigorate the digital society.” 

Source: EY (3)


Image credit: Lachlan Gowen