Digis-One Unified Fault Management. UFM for complex multi-vendor, network management systems, across all network technologies, automating root cause analysis and problem resolution.

Background: NMS

Unified Fault Management is needed, because of an ever increasing number of NMS in networks.

  • Every set of applications in a network has its own Network Management System (NMS).
  • NMS perform 3 main functions: fault management, configuration management, performance monitoring.
  • Every time new capability is added to the network, the number of NMS increase (and the number of logins, and systems the operations team need to learn.)
  • NMS are vendor-specific, and even the same vendor will have different NMS for different systems.

Fast problem resolution needs UFM

In a high-pressure operational environment, when a network component fails there are many alarms being triggered. How do you decide which one to fix first?

  • It’s impossible to manually prioritise or identify the best sequence to resolve each alarm.
  • Logins, GUI, features and quirks of each NMS interface is different, which further slows down staff.
  • Once the fault is found, configuration and optimisation in each system is different.
  • In-depth knowledge of each system is hard to acquire, and experienced staff with the level of expertise you need are hard to find and retain.
  • Training new staff takes time, and often the knowledge is subtle and nuanced.

Fault resolution needs automated, cognitive solutions, that works across all vendors, and all technologies.

Digis-One: one interface, all NMS

Digis-One is a manager of managers, a sophisticated and powerful UFM.

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